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The name of production: intrinsically safe coal stacking sensor

The model of production: GUD-330


* Small size, easy installation. Allows external connection for field application.

* Sensitivity adjustable to the local environment humidity, allowing more flexibility.

Application:GUD-330-D1 intrinsically safe mine stacking sensor applies to underground locations of coal mines exposed to dust or explosive gases as a detector of coal stacking, coal-bunker level and other similar signals of belt conveyer.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Exib I.

* Working voltage: 12V~18V.

* Rated current: 20mA.

* Incoming cable: outer diameter of cable is 13~15mm.

* Output signal: passive NO contact, which is closed after coal stacking.

* Onnect cable length less than 40 meters, the outer diameter of cable Φ13mm-15mmΦ                        

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