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The name of production: mine intrinsically safe disalignment sensor

The model of production: GEJ-15


* Small size, light-weight, easy installation and maintenance.

* The probe rod rotates freely and is itself resistant to damage.

* Detects disalignment in all directions, safer and more reasonable design.

 * No power is needed.

Application: A disalignment sensor mounted at both sides of the belt so that when the belt runs off the way, it touches and activates the movable universal rod to output a group of NO/NC switch signals(the NO and NC contacts are activated), the controller decides if the belt is disaligned according to the change in the switch contact of the disalignment sensor.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Exib I.

* Working voltage: 12V~18V.

* Passive contact: a group of NO and a group of NC.

* Action angle: 15°±3°.

* Reset angle: 9°±2°.

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