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The name of production: intrinsically safe smoke sensor

The model of production: GQL0.1


* Airtight, convenient installation, equipped with status indication.

* Parts are anticorrosion coated for long service life .

* The sensor is supplied with a cable line.

* Sensitivity adjustable to the local environment, allowing more flexibility.

Application: Installed where detection is needed. Applies to places exposed to coal dust or explosive gases. The air-borne gas comes in through the receiving inlet and flows out through the air vent. When the gas passing through the sensor contains excess smoke, it will transmit photoelectric signals and output switch signals.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Exib I.

* Rated current: 50mA.

* Output signal: passive NO connect which closes when there is smoke and breaks when there is no smoke.

* Operating temperature: - 10° C~60° C.

* Operating humidity: 10% to 93%.

* Response time: 15s~60s.

* Associated equipment: KTC101-Z host controller and KTC102.1 controller.

* Signal indicaton: the green light indicates power supply to the sensor, the red light indicates smoke alarm.

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