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The name of production: combined intrinsically safe mine loudspeaker telephone

The model of production: KTC102.3-1(C)


* Airtight, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.

* This machine with an emergency stop button, with manually reset and a action indication.

* The machine with communication function.

* The machine with two blocking button on both sides can be used to stop the corresponding equipment.

* Two ends are connected with a plug in cable, regardless of the direction, convenient and flexible installation.

* Support the self-diagnosis function along the line.

Application: KTC102.3-1 ( C ) combined intrinsically safe mine loudspeaker telephone applies to underground coal mine locations exposed to gas or dust explosion. It is designed to provide pull cable emergency stop block protection and communication along the belt, realize equipment start and stop warning, at the same time lockout ends up with two special blocking function.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion -proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Exib I.

* Enclosure protection class: IP54, connector IP67.

* Size: 358 x 156 x 290.

* Reset mode: manual reset.

* Action indicator: red LED indicator.

* Transmission type: press and hold the button to speak along the mine.

* Special locking: for working face, the two lock button can stop the front conveyer and rear conveyer respectively.

* Working voltage: 12V~18V.

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