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The name of production: intrinsically safe mine master controller

The model of production: KTC102.1


* Powerful, operation flexible, maintenance convenient.

* The main control panel consists of high-end-SCM, LCD screen and Chinese character display.

* Voice call function that allows communication with telephones along the belt or working face.

* Detects the status of the blocking phones along the line.

* The single line control distance is 4 km.

* With self-checking system, automatic fault alarm and position display function.

* Having forced locking, pull cable emergency stop function.

* RS232/RS485 serial connection interface that allows seamless connection of the monitoring system across the mine.

Application: KTC102.1 controller, applies to underground coal mine locations exposed to gas or dust explosion. KTC102 is new proprietary control system of Huaning for underground conveyer belts, gateroad belts, fully-machanized driving belts and working faces of coal mines. It is designed to provide control, inline communication, block detection, Chinese character display, voice alarm and protection of belts and fully-mechanized mining working faces. The controller is an SCM that detects blockage using both software and hardware and stops the machine reliably along the line.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Exib I.

* Enclosure protection class: IP54, connector IP67.

* Size: 470 x 283 x 310.

* Input / output: 12 switch outputs in main control box, 16 switch / analog inputs.

* Working voltage: 12V~18V.

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