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The name of production: combined intrinsically safe mine loudspeaker telephone

The model of production: KTK101-1(IC)


* Airtight, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.

* The machine supplied with an emergency stop button and wrench-type lock and start/stop(allows for local control of the start/stop of two devices). Manual reset with action indication.

* The machine with a communication and warning functions.

* Two ends are connected with a plug in cable, regardless of direction, convenient and flexible installation.

* Support the fault diagnosis function along the line by itself.

Application: KTK101-1 ( IC ) combined intrinsically mine loudspeaker telephone applies to underground coal mine locations exposed to gas or dust explosion, used for the chute head and tail local start / stop along the working face, with communication and emergency stop blocking function, realize the on-off warning of the device.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion -proof type: mine intrinsically safe type Ex[ib]l.

* Enclosure protection class: IP54, connector IP67.

* Size: 408 x 162 x 200.

* Reset mode: manual reset.

* Action indicator: red LED indicator.

* Transmission type: press and hold the button to speak along the mine.

* Working voltage: 12V~18V.

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