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The name of production: intrinsically safe main master controller

The model of production: KTC101-Z


* Powerful, stable and reliable, operation flexible, maintenance convenient.
* Full parameter setting, suitable for field operations.
 * Master controller is an embedded computer (PC104), 10.4 ' inch color LCD screen animation, graphics, Chinese character display.
 * Voice call function that allows communication with telephones along the belt or working face.
 * Detects the ststus of blocking phones along the line and communicate to the input/output along the line,collects and controls remote signals.
 * Single line control,communication distance of 4 kilometers (two line control, communication distance of 8 kilometers ).
 * With self-checking system, automatic fault alarm and position display function.
* Forced locking, alarm and position display function.
* RS232/485 serial connection interface that allows seamless connection of the monitoring system across the mine.

Application: KTC101-Z intrinsically safe mine master controller applies to underground coal mine locations exposed to gas or dust explosion as a control center of the integrated working face and belt conveyer communication and control system. It is designed to provide protection, control, inline communication, fault detection, Chinese character display and voice alarm for fully-mechanized mining/driving, gateroads and stationary belt conveyers. The system is an embedded construction with an embedded computer as the host machine.

Technical parameters:

* Explosion-proof type: mine intrinsically safe Exib I.

* Size: 600 x 356 x 340.

* Enclosure protection class: IP54, connector IP67.

* Display: 10.4 ' inch color LCD screen.

* Input / output: 20 switch outputs, 48 switch / analog inputs inside the master control box.

* Power supply voltage: 6V,13V,18V.                        

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